How to switch the forehead and object temperature modes?

Forehead temperature mode: Forehead temperature is an default setting of measurement mode. You only need to aim the infrared thermometer at the middle of your forehead and press the measurement button to measure your body temperature. Note: The “head” sign is displayed on screen when it is in forehead mode .
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Precautions for Infrared Ear Thermometer

Infrared ear thermometer is a kind of clinical thermometer, which mainly used to measure the  ear temperature . It is mainly used to measure the internal temperature of the ear. Please make sure that the ear canal is kept vertical when measuring, so that the temperature can be measured more accurately. Let's take a look at the precautions when using infrared ear thermometers:
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How to fix it when it shows “Lo” ?

10℃-40℃ is the normal range for environment temperature,when it shows “LO” by using  infrared thermometers, it means that the current ambient temperature is not in the range of thermometer measurement requirements or there are fast changes in the environment temperature.  In order to avoid the situation, please keep it in the appropriate environment for 20-30 minutes.
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How many degree is normal by using infrared thermometer?

In order to measure the body temperature, we often use infrared thermometer, but the temperature measured by infrared thermometer could be  only for reference data,which can not be used for medical treatment.
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How does a electronic thermometer work

The electronic thermometer uses the temperature sensor to output an electrical signal, which is then converted into a digital signal that can be recognized by an internal integrated circuit. The digital signal is displayed digitally through the display, and it also holds the highest value of the measured temperature.
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How Does Ear Thermometers Work?

Ear thermometers actually measure the temperature of an ear drum that is separating the outer ear canal from the middle ear. The reason why this method is one of the most accurate is ... because the hypothalamic thermostat shares the blood vessels with the eardrum. Moreover, the eardrum is so thin and close to the hypothalamus that it conducts heat easily.
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