Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact infrared thermometer refers to: an infrared thermometer that does not touch the human body during measurement, which can avoid cross-infection of bacteria. When measuring, the non-contact infrared thermometer should be 3-5cm away from the measuring part(the middle of forehead)
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Contact Infrared Thermometer

 The contact infrared thermometer refers to : an infrared thermometer that needs to be in contact with the human body during measurement. Compared with other clinical thermometers, it measured by the contact infrared thermometer is relatively more accurate. Here is the precautions:
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Home infrared thermometer functions switch

Operational conditions: 10℃-40℃. The screen will show “ LO” if the condition temperature is higher/lower than this temperature range, means it doesn’t work in normal condition temperature. Stay in a room(temperature is 10℃-40℃) for 20~30 minutes before taking a reading. ℃/℉ conversion: open the battery cover, use the toggle switch to change the ℃/℉.
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Temperature measurement mode of household infrared thermometer

Household infrared thermometer can be used in our daily life. If you have children, you’d better to prepare an infrared thermometer at home in order to measure the temperature of the children at any time, it can help you to find out whether your children have a cold or a fever, and go to the hospital or clinic for treatment in time.
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Single-forehead infrared thermometers

Single-forehead infrared thermometers (hereinafter collectively referred to as infrared thermometers) can measure the temperature of the forehead and objects. They are usually used in public places, such as subway stations, school gates, supermarket entrances, and residential quarter entrances. The infrared thermometers can be seen everywhere. It's a type of non-contact infrared thermometers, which can reduce the risk of bacterial cross-infection, so it is generally used in public places with heavy traffic. Next, let's talk about the main functions and applications of the infrared thermometer:
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ºC/ºF conversion

Since the temperature scales used in each place are different, we distinguish our infrared thermometers between Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉).Now Let's show you how to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit for our gun thermometer FC-IR2000.
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