Precautions for using infrared thermometer

The infrared thermometer is suitable for indoor use, and the products should not have large air convection when testing (such as the wind of electric fans, air conditioners, and heaters);
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What are the conditions that will cause inaccurate measurement of infrared thermometers?

We usually use infrared thermometers to measure the temperature, do you think it is correct? What caused the inaccurate temperature measurement? Let's take a look together.
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The switch mode of infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer is divided into two modes of forehead and object temperature. Here we take the Finicare IR2000 gun shaped infrared thermometer as an example to explain:
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Why the measurement distance of non-contact infrared thermometer is 3-5cm rather than 5-10cm?

When the infrared thermometer is measuring, with the distance of measurement, the measurement temperature will produce errors. 3-5cm is what the current technology can achieve.
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When the non-contact infrared thermometer is measuring, Why can't there be obstructions on the forehead ?

The main reason is that if you have obstruction, when you measure the forehead you're measuring the temperature of it, which makes the measurement inaccurate. But as the technology improves, the infrared thermometer will display a red screen that tells you to clean the obstructions. The temperature error measured by the infrared thermometer is usually about 0.1-0.2℃.
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The solution for showing “Lo” words on Infrared Thermometer

The solution to the infrared thermometer showing "Lo" is to put it in an environment of 10-40°C, wait for 20-30 minutes, and then it can be used normally. Of course, there are very few cases of such environmental temperature inconsistencies. The original intention of the non-contact infrared thermometer was designed for indoor field measurement.
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