The Sharing of "the Soul of Wolf" & Quarterly Evluation and Commendation Work hard to become a better man

Today, we share the summary and work hard together, Tomorrow, we will work together to create greater glories.Thanks to the outstanding individuals and teams for their dedication, Every of us should learn from them, and Keep improving.
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Best Birthday Wishes for Finicare Employees (2021.2-2021.3)

In March, we ran in the spring breeze. We opened a new chapter of our life. Grow up, at an appropriate speed; Finicare's birthday party from February to March in 2021 comes as scheduled.
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Finicare won the "2020 Integrity Management Enterprise in Baoan District, Shenzhen"!

Insist on integrity management and build a corporate integrity culture, Finicare won the "2020 Integrity Management Enterprise in Baoan District, Shenzhen"!
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Merry Christmas

Christmas in Finicare The annual Christmas is approaching, Shenzhen Finicare Co., Ltd. hangs colorful lights, decorates Christmas trees, the atmosphere of Christmas can be seen everywhere. Although Christmas is a holiday in Western countries, now it is also popular in China.
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How Does Ear Thermometers Work?

Ear thermometers actually measure the temperature of an ear drum that is separating the outer ear canal from the middle ear. The reason why this method is one of the most accurate is ... because the hypothalamic thermostat shares the blood vessels with the eardrum. Moreover, the eardrum is so thin and close to the hypothalamus that it conducts heat easily.
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Shenzhen Finicare Co., Ltd.Exhibition

Shenzhen Finicare Co., Ltd. is a leading company persistently focusing on design, development, manufacturing and sales of Infrared thermometer products. Finicare brings .... innovative concepts and creative energy to the thermometer industry and builds upon a leading professional enterprise with new & innovative concepts.
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