The Sharing of "the Soul of Wolf" & Quarterly Evluation and Commendation Work hard to become a better man

Release time:2021-06-26

In order to carry out pioneering and competitiional activities in an all-round way, 
we will commend outstanding emplyees, guide them to learn from the excellent examples,inspire the enthusiasm of all emplyees.
And fully mobilize their enthusasm and creativity.

On the afternoon of April 20,2021, Finicare held the Conference for the sharing of "the Soul of Wolf" & Quarterly Evluation and Commendation

Although the Sharing&Training is short, the impact are influenced for a long time.





From April 13-15th, under the leadership of President Li,Vice President Zhang, the five elites in Finicare( Xiang Benyin,Xing Junpeng, Huang Cuiying, Xia Fan, Guo
Shuchang) participated in the 3 days and 2 nights of Tiancheng Education Group's Wolf Sould Special Training. 
They shared the training of Wolfe Soul. They were confident and calm, they shared their pride,the boundless expecatations for the future.


What I see is the infinite potential of each of them and their belief in the power of the team,gratitude,trust,unity,communication,and responsibility,
which are no longer the abstract terms,but an indispensable spiritual force in their lives. I believe their sharing must have rippled in the peaceful life of each of us.
The past is gone, but the future can be expected.

After the sharing, with the warm applause of everyone, our first quarter of 2021 evaluation and commendation conference beginning officially.

This quarter, we have taken a radical and high pace, 
Sharing is he joy of success,
And the seweetness after struggling,
There is no shortcut to success, only work hard to be succeed.
Let's take a look at our outstanding staffs.





Outstanding Staffs: Zhang Yaju, Zhang Qiuyun, Wu Zhenghua, Lan Zequan, Wen Deliang

Facing the ups and downs of the market, relying on the will and perseverance, with the talent and ability, they have shown their own style and
set an example for our company. You're indispensable to the company's performance!






Outstanding Team: Finance Department

The spirit of a team is a kind of strength, a kind of unwillingness to strive for the top. This is a hard-working and enterprising team.
(Actually, this is the team with the highest performance score in March)





Outstanding Leaders: Cui Yan, Zeng Qiujiao

In our team, there are such peoples, who accompany the company's footsteps and help the company grow.
Loyalty is invaluable, and they have been perfectly interpreted in them.





Outstanding employees: Huang Xiongli, Li Chunfeng, Feng Ruizhen, Zhang Yan

They're the main force of our company, they are the best interpreters of corporate culture, they have injected fueal energy into the 
development and growth of our company. 

If our journey is the stars and the sea, 
then everyone in Finicare is like a little bit of starlight.
Those years who struggled for it, we will definitely become the most shining existence on the road of our future strggling.





Finally, Our director Frank made the business plan for April and May. He made an overall analysis of the sales in the past quarter, 
and analyzed the sales target for the next quarter. I belive that under the leadership of Director Frank, we definitely work hard for the new goals and achieve for a better performance.

Today, we share the summary and work hard together,
Tomorrow, we will work together to create greater glories.
The development of our company, it is inseparable from everyone's hard work.

Thanks to the outstanding individuals and teams for their dedication,
Every of us should learn from them, and Keep improving.


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