The Sharing of "the Soul of Wolf" & Quarterly Evluation and Commendation Work hard to become a better man

Today, we share the summary and work hard together, Tomorrow, we will work together to create greater glories.Thanks to the outstanding individuals and teams for their dedication, Every of us should learn from them, and Keep improving.
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Best Birthday Wishes for Finicare Employees (2021.2-2021.3)

In March, we ran in the spring breeze. We opened a new chapter of our life. Grow up, at an appropriate speed; Finicare's birthday party from February to March in 2021 comes as scheduled.
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Finicare won the "2020 Integrity Management Enterprise in Baoan District, Shenzhen"!

Insist on integrity management and build a corporate integrity culture, Finicare won the "2020 Integrity Management Enterprise in Baoan District, Shenzhen"!
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How to turn on the infrared thermometer

How to turn on the infrared thermometer? When using the infrared thermometer, we must first install the battery. When installing the battery, we must distinguish its positive and negative poles. If it is installed incorrectly, it will not be able to turn on the product. After the battery is installed, the screen of the infrared thermometer will light up, and then a beep will sound. Then it can be used normally.
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Does the use of infrared thermometers affect pregnant women?

Everyone knows that infrared thermometer is not only an anti-epidemic material products, but also an electronic product. There is a doubt, Is it will affect pregnant women's  when using infrared thermometer? As for the problem, the editor will first popularize a knowledge point for everyone: Although the infrared thermometer is an electronic product, its main function is to receive the thermal radiation of the human body, not to release radiation.
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Can children use infrared thermometers?

Can children use infrared thermometers? An infrared thermometer is a tool for measuring temperature. It does not emit radiation, but accepts infrared heat radiation from the human body to measure the temperature of the human body. Therefore, children can also use infrared thermometers, which will not cause him damage. influences. Therefore, children can safely use infrared thermometers.
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