The benefits of using infrared thermometers

infrared thermometer is an electronic product for measuring body temperature. Compared with old-fashioned mercury thermometers, infrared thermometers have more advantages. Let's have a look at the advantages of infrared thermometers:
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What’s the lifespan for forehead infrared thermometer?

A forehead thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the forehead. It is a widely used body infrared temperature measuring instrument. Currently every crowded public places are equipped with forehead thermometer, mainly used to measure the temperature of the human body.
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How far can the infrared thermometer measure?

Infrared thermometer is a temperature measurement tool used to measure body temperature. Because it is infrared temperature measurement, it can measure body temperature without touching the body part. Generally, when we use infrared thermometer to measure body temperature, we need to be 3cm away from the measured part.
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What's the reasons cuased measurement inaccurate for the infrared thermometer ?

The temperature reading is different every time we measured. Is it because of device inaccuracyor wrong operation ? Now Let's solve the doubts one by one .
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The specific method of using infrared thermometer

1. Where to test? And the test distance? Forehead temperature: In the middle of the forehead, 0~3 CM (contact type) or 1~3 CM (non-contact type) from the forehead. Ear temperature: Insert the ear hole and straighten the ear up and back. 2. How to test? Align your forehead vertically, press the measurement button, wait for the measurement result, and then remove the thermometer.
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