The specific method of using infrared thermometer

Release time:2021-04-14


1. Where to test? And the test distance?
Forehead temperature: In the middle of the forehead, 0~3 CM (contact type) or 1~3 CM (non-contact type) from the forehead.
Ear temperature: Insert the ear hole and straighten the ear up and back.

2. How to test?
Align your forehead vertically, press the measurement button, wait for the measurement result, and then remove the thermometer.

3. Environmental requirements for product use?
Ambient temperature:+10℃~40℃, humidity: ≦ 85%. (Regulations require +16℃~35℃.)

4. What needs to be prepared before measurement?
Open thepackage, take out the product, and place it in the measurement environment for more than half an hour; at the same time, ensure that you are also stay is in the measurement environment for more than half an hour (people need to adapt to the environment, and infrared thermometers also need,To adapt to the environment, it is necessary to wait for more than half an hour in a relatively stable environment ).

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