What's the reasons cuased measurement inaccurate for the infrared thermometer ?

Release time:2021-04-15




The temperature reading is different every time we measured. Is it because of device inaccuracyor wrong operation ? Now Let's solve the doubts one by one .

1.The temperature unit setting is notcorrect.

The temperature unit of the infrared thermometer is divided into Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (℉). Different temperature scales will display different reading. It shows 36.6°Cfor Celsiusmode and shows 98°Ffor Fahrenheitmode. So when the temperature is too highor low, firstly check if the temperature setting is correct .

2.Wrong temperature measurement mode

Our infrared thermometers have three measurementmode,theyareforeheadmode,earmode,and room/object mode.We need toswitch to the correctmeasurement modewhen measuring. If the temperature measurement method is wrong, the measurementwill also be inaccurate.

3.The influence of external factors

When measuring body temperature, sweat and hair should not appear on your forehead, otherwise the temperature measured will be inaccurate. So we have to clean the forehead before measurement.

4.The influence of ambient temperature

The ambient working temperature of the infrared thermometer is 10°C-40°C. If it is lower or exceeded, the measurement will be inaccurate and the screen will display "Er1". Just take the infrared thermometer into a suitable environment and stayfor 20-30 minutes before measurement.

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