Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Release time:2021-04-12

Non-contact infrared thermometer refers to: an infrared thermometer that does not touch the human body during measurement, which can avoid cross-infection of bacteria. When measuring, the non-contact infrared thermometer should be 3-5cm away from the measuring part(the middle of forehead)







The non-contact infrared thermometer is a touch less temperature measurement, so it is easily affected by the external environment, resulting in measurement errors. Usually its working temperature is between 10-40 ℃, which is lower or higher than this temperature, it will show "LO" ,the words indicate that it is beyond the scope of its work.

Here is the precautions:


1.There should be no hair ,sweat or dirt on the forehead

2. Ensure that the temperature cannot be higher than 40℃ and not lower than 10℃

3. Please re-test the measurement for several times, and the average of the multiple measurements shall be prevail.

4. Distinguish temperature measurement mode: forehead temperature/object temperature

5. Distinguish between Fahrenheit and Celsius

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