Home infrared thermometer functions switch

Release time:2021-03-31




Operational conditions: 10℃-40℃. The screen will show “ LO” if the condition temperature is higher/lower than this temperature range, means it doesn’t work in normal condition temperature. Stay in a room(temperature is 10℃-40℃) for 20~30 minutes before taking a reading.

℃/℉ conversion: open the battery cover, use the toggle switch to change the ℃/℉.


Checking 35 sets of memory data: when the thermometer is turned on or power off, by pressing the Memory/Mute-unmute button to go to the memory mode, press this button again to check 35 sets of memories.

Mute and un-mute: when the thermometer is turned on, keep pressing the Memory/Mute-unmute button for 2~3 seconds, to switch from unmute to mute.


Tri-color lights with fever alarm: there’s an alarm light, there’ ll be alarm according to measured temperatures: green(normal), yellow(low fever), red(high fever).

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