Temperature measurement mode of household infrared thermometer

Release time:2021-03-31



Household infrared thermometer can be used in our daily life. If you have children, you’d better to prepare an infrared thermometer at home in order to measure the temperature of the children at any time, it can help you to find out whether your children have a cold or a fever, and go to the hospital or clinic for treatment in time.

1.Forehead temperature measurement: The default temperature measurement mode of the infrared thermometer is forehead temperature measurement. We only need to install the battery, aim the infrared thermometer at the center of forehead, and then press the measurement button to get the body temperature.

Note: When measuring, there should be no hair on the forehead, as well as sweat stains, water droplets and other obstructions, which will cause inaccurate temperature measurement results. It should be 3-5cm away from the forehead.

2. Ear measurement: It’s another measurement mode of the infrared thermometer. When switching, you need to remove the cover of the infrared thermometer, and then put the temperature probe into the ear. Pull up your ears slightly, keep the ear canal vertical, and finally press the measurement button to get the body temperature.

Note: When measuring, the ears should be cleaned, and there should be no earwax, which will affect the measurement results.

3. Object temperature measurement: When the infrared thermometer is turned off, press and hold the "mute button" until it is turned on to switch to the object temperature mode. The object temperature measurement is relatively simple. You only need to press the measurement aim at the object.

Note: The object to be measured is an object that can emit heat.

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