Why the measurement distance of non-contact infrared thermometer is 3-5cm rather than 5-10cm?

Release time:2021-04-13



When the infrared thermometer is measuring, with the distance of measurement, the measurement temperature will produce errors. 3-5cm is what the current technology can achieve.





But some people want to ask: "Industrial thermometers can reach the distance of 20-50cm, why is the infrared thermometer only 3-5cm?"

This is because Industrial and human thermometers are two different kinds of temperature measuring instruments. Industrial infrared thermometer is mainly measured like air conditioning, engine, and other mechanical components and machines,which temperature is usually above 50 and the radiation range is large, if the surveyor is not far away, it will cause high temperature damage.






And the temperature of our human body is between 36-37. The radiation range of human body temperature is small. If it is too far away from the measurement, it can not be measured basically.So that's why there's such a big difference between industrial and human infrared thermometers.

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