Single-forehead infrared thermometers

Release time:2021-03-31

Single-forehead infrared thermometers (hereinafter collectively referred to as infrared thermometers) can measure the temperature of the forehead and objects. They are usually used in public places, such as subway stations, school gates, supermarket entrances, and residential quarter entrances. The infrared thermometers can be seen everywhere. It's a type of non-contact infrared thermometers, which can reduce the risk of bacterial cross-infection, so it is generally used in public places with heavy traffic. Next, let's talk about the main functions and applications of the infrared thermometer:





1. Forehead Temperature Mode: Forehead temperature mode: Forehead temperature measurement is the default mode, just aim at the middle of the forehead and press the measurement button.

Note: While measuring, keep hair, dirty, or sweat from the forehead to reach accurate measurement.


2. Object/Room Temperature Mode: Object temperature mode, also called room temperature mode. Besides measuring the temperature of objects, it also measures the temperature of indoor temperature.

To switch from forehead temperature mode to object temperature mode, please press and hold the "Mem" button for 3 seconds while the device is power off, and then the object temperature and room temperature can be measured when the screen starts to display. Press and release the measure button in 1 second, the beep is heard, you can now read the value.


3. Temperature Conversion: Switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. When the thermometer is on, press and hold the "Mute" button for 5 seconds to change the temperature from ℃ to ℉.

4. Checking 35 sets of Memory Data: To review the last measured data, please press the "Mem" button directly.

  1. Mute/Un-mute: When the thermometer is turned on, keep short pressing the Mute-unmute button for less than 1 second, to switch from un-mute to mute. 


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