How does a electronic thermometer work

Release time:2020-12-18

The electronic thermometer uses the temperature sensor to output an electrical signal, which is then converted into a digital signal that can be recognized by an internal integrated circuit. The digital signal is displayed digitally through the display, and it also holds the highest value of the measured temperature.

The core element of the electronic thermometer is the NTC temperature sensor, which senses the temperature.

The resolution of the sensor can be up to ±0.01℃, the accuracy can be up to ±0.02℃,

the reaction speed & LT;The annual drift rate of the resistance is ≤0.1%(equivalent to less than 0.025℃) for 2.8 seconds.

The measuring range of the electronic thermometer is 32 ° C-43 ° C (89.6℉~109.4℉).

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