How to switch the forehead and object temperature modes?

Release time:2021-03-29

Infrared thermometers are used to measure temperature by receiving infrared heat radiation, and mainly measure human body temperature and object temperature .




Let's show you how to switch the forehead and object temperature mode of our gun thermometer  FC-IR2000.


Forehead temperature mode: Forehead temperature is an default setting of measurement mode. You only need to aim the infrared thermometer at the middle of your forehead and press the measurement button to measure your body temperature.

Note: The “head” sign is displayed on screen when it is in forehead mode .


Object temperature mode: When the infrared thermometer is off, long press the "Mem" button for 3 seconds  until the screen lights up, then you can press the measure button to measure the object temperatures.

Note: The "house" sign is displayed on the screen when it is in object mode .



Infrared thermometers produced by different factories have certain differences. Please read the product manuals carefully when using them.

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