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Shenzhen Finicare Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, mainly engaged in overseas market sales, forehead temperature meter, forehead temperature infrared thermometer and other medical equipment products.From the beginning of the unknown, to now a blockbuster.
So far Fred's forehead thermometer series products are:
FC - IR100 forehead temperature infrared thermometer,
FC - IR202 non-contact infrared thermometer,
FC - IR300 infrared ear thermometer,
FC - IR400 dual-mode forehead thermometer,
FC - IR1020 infrared ear thermometer
FC - IR1030 frontal ear thermometer
FC - IR2000 frontal ears infrared thermometer
FC - IR3000 frontal ears infrared thermometer,
according to the characteristics of the product and can be divided into: contact the forehead thermometer, non-contact thermometer, infrared thermometer, etc.
From its establishment to now, The fore-temperature instrument series products have been sold to all parts of the world, Shenzhen Finicare Technology Co., Ltd. officially issued to the world agents to join the notice! All of you join us in the Freuno family to work hard for your dreams.
Tel: +86 13530519669
Add: 2F, No.50, Houting 3rd Industrial Park, Shajing, Bao'an Dist., Shenzhen, 518104 China

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